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garage door repair and maintenance tips and tricks

Tips & Tricks From H&L Garage Door Company

The largest moving part on your home is your garage door and there are many moving parts that help it function to the fullest capability. Most homeowners do not know, but a garage door increases the value of the home by 4%. Simple home maintenance biannually can prolong the life of your garage door and keep it in good running condition.

Maintenance Tips for the Summer

Here are some quick tips and tricks from H & L on keeping your garage door and home beautiful and appealing:

  • Cleaning with a mild detergent and giving the door a good pressure wash will help rid the garage door of dirt and grime and most importantly help the longevity and functionality of the door. Heavy Gunk and debris can build up in the winter and go unnoticed.
  • Lubrication is vital to the smooth operation of all moving parts of the garage door and operator. Simply, purchase a can of garage door Teflon lubricant; avoid WD-40 or other non-Teflon brand lubricants. Start by raising your garage door in the up position and spraying the inside corners of the track from top to bottom. Then, lower the door and spray a mild layer on all hinges, rollers, springs and the bottom of the motor rail if applicable.
  • Inspecting Check Tracks & Hardware Check all tracks, hardware and moving parts to ensure nuts and bolts are tightened properly. If any hardware is loose or missing, replace or tighten as necessary. Again, keeping tracks clean and clear of debris, while assessing alignment to make sure tracks are free from damage will also keep the door quiet and functioning properly.
  • We recommend a professional service once a year!

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garage door maintenance tips

The Important of Garage Door Bottom Seals

If you’re a homeowner, garage door maintenance is an important responsibility that you should not overlook. You could be in the habit of maintaining the interior of your home, but forget to pay attention to the functionality of your garage doors. Your garage doors could be the most neglected. However, this is an essential structure of your property that you should maintain. Proper maintenance makes it easier for you to retain the longevity of your garage doors and to prevent future problems.

The proper care for your garage door can begin with the installation of door seals. Let’s take a look at the significance of installing garage door bottom rubber seals and weather stripping. 

Save On Energy Costs

Do you have concerns about high energy costs during the cold months? Your garage door might not provide enough insulation without the use of a rubber seal. A seal helps you to save on expensive energy costs during the long weather months. 

Sealing your garage doors gives you more control by keeping out the cold air. Weather seals also come in handy by keeping out the hot air during the summer months. As a homeowner, you have the benefit of sticking to your budget and retaining a comfortable temperature at all times inside your garage. 

Keep Out Pests

The maintenance of your garage door bottom rubber seals and weather seals makes it easier for you to keep out annoying pests. If you live in a location with an accumulation of annoying pests, you can use a garage seal to protect the interior of your garage. A seal keeps your doors tightly closed to the ground, which makes it impossible for pests to invade the interior of your garage.

Unwanted Debris

Protect the interior of your garage door from debris or unwanted particles by using a garage door seal. On windy days, you have the advantage to install a door seal to prevent the entrance of loose debris or materials.

Smoke Fumes

Keeping out smoke fumes could be another concern that you have for your garage. A good seal is effective in keeping out harmful smoke, fumes, and other annoying odors from your garage. This is a practical technique that you can use to protect the air inside your garage throughout the year. 

Get Help From Skillful Garage Door Experts 

Always remember to pay attention to the functionality of your garage doors. Over time, your garage doors can receive excessive wear and tear, which can cause them to eventually malfunction. If you have aged garage doors, you can experience problems such as dealing with a garage spring break. Garage door experts are the only professionals that know how to tackle this dangerous task by installing the correct cycle springs for your doors.

If you have a garage spring break, you have the convenience to contact the experts at H& L Garage Doors. We’re proud to provide you with the best services that you deserve.

garage door repair tips

4 Things You Can Do To Fix a Noisy Garage Door

Dealing with repair issues is something homeowners have to get used to. The average home has many different components that have to be repaired over time. The average homeowner spends upwards of $10,000 a year on repairs and maintenance

As a homeowner, keeping your garage door functional and appealing should be a priority. There are few things more annoying than a garage door that makes a ton of noise during operation. When noises start to come from your garage door, you have to figure out why. 

Below are some of the things you can do to fix your noisy garage door. 

1. Replace Damaged Extension or Torsion Springs

The springs on your garage door are designed to perform a very specific and important function. Torsion and extension springs are responsible for lifting and holding your garage door in place. When popping noises start to come from your garage door, you need to check the condition of your extension and torsion springs. 

If these springs seem to be intact, then lubricating them is a good idea. Lack of lubrication can make the springs on your garage door very noisy. Rumbling, banging and popping noises are all common on garage doors with poorly lubricated springs. Getting in the habit of lubricating these springs a few times a year can help you avoid aggravating noises. 

2. Check The Nuts and Bolts On Your Garage Door

The older your garage door gets, the harder it will be to keep the nuts and bolts it has tight. A garage door and its parts are held together by a number of nuts and bolts. Brackets, tracks and hinges are all equipped with this type of hardware. If you notice a humming or rattling noise coming from your garage door, loose nuts and bolts might be to blame. 

One of the best ways to get rid of these noises is by taking the time to tighten the nuts and bolts on your garage door. As you perform this procedure, be sure to avoid over tightening the hardware. Making this mistake can lead to stripping and damaged screw holes. 

3. Inspect The Rollers

The rollers on your garage door help to ensure it glides up and down without fail. These rollers are designed to fit inside your tracks. When a garage door starts to make grinding or squeaking sounds, it is usually due to damaged rollers. The plastic coating on your garage door rollers can break off over time. This results in metal rollers rubbing against metal tracks, which can be very noisy. 

Calling in a professional to inspect your rollers and replace the damaged ones is a good idea. Trying to do this job on your own can result in expensive mistakes being made. This is why paying for professional help is a wise move. 

The faster you can address the problems causing your garage door to be noisy, the less damage you will have to contend with.

4 Effective Ways To Make Your Garage Door Last Longer

A functional garage door provides appeal, security and boosts energy efficiency. Some homeowners get so used to their garage doors functioning without fail that they begin to take them for granted. If you don’t provide a garage door with routine maintenance, it will start to fall apart

A recent study found that over 52 percent of homeowners want a garage door that their neighbors envy. If this is one of your goals, then you will have to work hard. When properly cared for, your garage door will remain appealing and last a lot longer. 

Are you trying to extend the life of your garage door? If so, consider the tips in this article. 

1. Keep an Eye On Your Weather Stripping and Insulation

When trying to fend off harsh natural elements, your garage door will rely heavily on its weather stripping. If the weather stripping on your garage door is covered in dirt and grime, it will be unable to function properly. Avoiding issues with your weather stripping will require you to give it a good cleaning once every few months. 

You also need to pinpoint weather stripping that is loose. After these sections are identified, you can use a nail or screw to tighten them up. If your garage door has insulation, you’ll need to work on keeping it in good shape. Good insulation keeps cold air at bay while increasing energy efficiency. 

2. Remove Track Obstructions

Getting familiar with the various parts on your garage door is important. The metal tracks attached to your garage door perform a very specific and important function. Without functional tracks, your garage door will be unable to roll up and down. Obstructions on these tracks can wreak havoc on your garage door and cause lots of damage. 

Instead of waiting until your garage door is damaged to take action, you need to inspect your tracks routinely. If any debris is discovered during this inspection, remove it immediately. You also need to lubricate the tracks once or twice a year. 

3. Garage Door Balance is Important

Allowing a garage door to operate off balance can be disastrous. A garage door that is off balance will experience undue wear and strain. Checking the balance of your garage door will require you to disconnect it from the opener. If you don’t feel comfortable testing balance on your own, working with seasoned garage door repair professionals is a good move. 

4. Hardware Should Be Tightened 

Over time, the hardware that holds your garage door together will begin to loosen. Allowing fasteners, nuts and bolts to loosen completely can do significant damage to your garage door. The best way to avoid this damage is by tightening the hardware once every two months or so. During this maintenance, you can find small repair issues and fix them before significant damage is done.

By using the information in this article, you can extend the life of your garage door.  

garage door repair and maintenance tips

Are Garage Door Springs Dangerous? Yes – And Why?

Certainly, your garage door springs can be dangerous if not worked on properly. That’s because the springs are tensioned with a lot of torque, and can take a bite out of you, if you don’t watch out!

That’s why it pays to call professionals to come and maintain your garage doors properly.

The Story of Bill Sugarman Schultz

Bill Sugarman Schultz had a garage that was useful for storing his BMW and his pickup truck. He had a lot of projects going on, and he went in and out quite a bit, especially on the weekends. 

Eventually, his garage doors started working kind of strangely, partly because the coils were getting old and weren’t performing like they used to. So one day, in between hauling rock and looking at a new project site, Bill Sugarman Schultz came home and took a screwdriver and opened up his garage door coil. It sprang out and released some volatile debris that hit the paint job on his BMW!


In reality, Bill Sugarman Schultz was lucky that it didn’t hit his arm and take a pound of flesh. That would have required a trip to the local urgent care center, where the line was long, along with pulling out the old first aid kit to get the blood to stop flowing!

Let that be a lesson to not work on the springs without proper tools, like a long breaker bar that will slowly release tension, instead of something that will just let this spring fly dangerously. The pros know how to safely work with the tensioning, but they also know a lot more about how these complex systems are designed and installed. In this type of job, the “tricks of the trade” really make a difference!

The story of Sally Bridges Mayfield

Sally Bridges Mayfield had an excellent garage door that was warrantied, but she used it for 10 years, and it started to work with a series of small, shuddering jerks when she opened and closed the garage door. That was a little more disturbing each time she hit the button. 

Sally resisted the impulse to grab a screwdriver and monkey around with the thing – she called H & L Garage Door Company – the best in the business!

We came in and did a complete maintenance job on the garage door, and left it safe and well conditioned for the future.

This is just some of what we do on a regular basis for commercial and residential customers. Call us if you haven’t been experiencing excellence with your garage door system. We can do the work, quickly and efficiently, and have you back on the road, zipping in and out of your garage with nary a care. 

How Cold Weather Can Affect Your Garage Door

If you are like most homeowners, you work extremely hard to keep every part of your residence working efficiently. Many homes in the United States have garages attached to them. Sealing off this space with the help of a quality garage door is imperative. Failing to provide your garage door with proper maintenance can lead to serious problems developing over time. 

During the winter months, your garage door will be exposed to brutally cold temperatures. Recent data released by Farmers’ Almanac shows that the winter of 2022 will be extremely frigid. Knowing how the cold can affect your garage door can help you adequately prepare for the winter ahead. 

Watch Out For Lubrication Issues

The opener attached to your garage has a number of moving parts. One of the main things these moving parts need to operate correctly is the proper amount of lubrication. When cold weather moves into your area, the lubricant on these moving parts might change consistency. 

If your garage door gets stuck when going up, then you are probably seeing signs of poor lubrication. When lubricant thickens up as a result of cold temperatures, it will be unable to adequately spread to all moving parts. Avoiding this problem will require the use of lubrication with the right viscosity rating. This rating will give you an indication of the lowest temperature a certain lubricant can withstand. 

The Threat of Broken Springs

When your garage door appears to be misaligned or slams down to the ground, this is an indication that your springs are damaged. The average door spring can last around 10,000 cycles before needing to be replaced. Exposure to freezing cold temperatures can wreak havoc on your garage door springs. 

If you want to stay a step ahead of spring-related issues, then conducting a manual lift test routinely is important. This test will require you to bring your door up to the halfway open point and release it. If the door remains in the halfway open position, then your springs are doing their job. However, if the door slams shut once you release it, contact professionals to take a look at your springs. 

Cold Weather Can Expose Insulation Issues

There are a handful of garage door repair issues that are easy to overlook. Drafts are among the most common problems a homeowner can overlook. When colder weather moves in, you will be able to easily detect drafts around your garage door. Standing inside your warm garage and seeing if you can feel cold air coming from around the door is a good idea. 

If you do detect drafts around your garage door, then you have to take action. Replacing the weather stripping is a great way to address a draft. Ignoring this problem can result in higher than normal energy bills. The last thing you want to do is put your heating unit in a bind, which is why fixing garage door drafts is so important. 

H & L Garage Doors can help you fix winter-related garage door problems. 

how to keep rodents out of your garage in north carolina

Keep Rodents Out of Your Garage With These Tips

The average homeowner has to work extremely hard to keep their property in pristine condition. If you are lucky enough to have a garage attached to your home, keeping this space free of pests like rodents should be one of your main concerns. The first line of defense you have against pests is your garage door. Failing to provide your garage door with routine maintenance can make it extremely easy for rodents to enter your garage. 

Homeowners in the United States spend millions of dollars every year on pest control. If you work hard, you can avoid a pest infestation in your garage altogether. Do you want to keep rodents out of your garage? If so, here are some things to consider.  

Start With a Thorough Inspection of Your Garage Door

Keeping the inside of your garage pest-free will require some time and effort. The first thing you need to consider when trying to keep pests out of your garage is inspecting your garage door. If there are problems with your garage door, it will be easy for rodents to gain access to this area. When checking out your garage door, you need to make sure it is closing properly. 

If the seal at the bottom of your garage door is compromised, it will be unable to close fully. Hiring professionals to replace this damaged seal is a wise move. You also need to make sure that the insulation and weather stripping around your garage door is intact. Performing a routine inspection of your garage door can help you stay a step ahead of repair issues

Remove Food Temptations From Your Garage 

Removing any food that might be present in your garage is also something you need to do to avoid a rodent infestation. Many homeowners store pet food and even their grills in the garage. While this will keep these items out of the way, it can also attract rodents.

If you have to keep pet food in your garage, investing in a sealable container is a great idea. With this container, you can keep the smell of this food out of the air. Before storing your grill in the garage, take the time to clean it thoroughly. This will help you remove any leftover food particles that might attract rodents. 

Check For Cracks Throughout Your Garage

You will also need to check for any cracks around your garage. If there are cracks around your walls, ceiling or windows, rodents will use them to gain access to your garage. Dealing with the cracks around your garage windows will require the application of caulk. If you notice cracks in your garage’s foundation, this could be a sign of much-larger repair issues. Calling in foundation repair professionals to take a look will help you get this issue diagnosed and fixed in a hurry. 

If you are serious about keeping rodents out of your garage, then you need to put the tips in this article to use. 

More Out of a Door

How do you get more out of the door?

It’s not a riddle, and it applies to a very specific kind of door.

A regular entry door is a fairly simple machine. You have two hinges mounted to a door jamb, and a doorknob and latch that provides for closing and locking.

That’s it, basically. And while you can have problems with a good old wooden house door (we’ve seen it before) they’re not likely to be something that you can’t tackle with a toolbox. 

A garage door is fairly much more complicated

You have a series of springs and a rolling rack to guide the path of the door upward and downward. You have sensors and installations to show whether the door has any obstacle preventing it from opening and closing.

Modern garage doors are electrical and mechanical builds that are fairly sophisticated and need specific maintenance in order to work well over time. They’re not just “part of the landscape.” It’s easy to forget that until something bad happens – but regular maintenance can be easier on your wallet. 

Garage Door Maintenance

Professionals can go over the specific routine work that needs to be done to rollers, sensors and everything else. That’s often instructive for homeowners, because most people are not experts in garage doors. Chances are they inherited their garage for the first time as a home buyer, and never read the manual extensively. 

A little bit of proactive work can prevent big and more expensive problems later, so we go over these things with a customer – because knowledge is valuable!


One key disclaimer is that people should not work on garage door springs without professional knowledge of what they’re doing. Really. It can be frustrating, to say the least, and can even result in serious injury. 

These tensioned components can be dangerous in the wrong hands, and so it pays to have a professional check them out and perform maintenance or repair as necessary. At the same time, the pros can check your sensor and everything else, too. 

Sealing In Hot and Cold Air

Other changes to your garage doors can make a difference in your energy bills and impact on the environment.

Certain kinds of sealing can help you keep from losing air out of your home through the garage door structure – and they’re fairly simple, although they can be tough to install. 


Garage doors also provide security for your home. We’ll assess this aspect of door maintenance, too. Call us for prompt and professional garage door service. 

Most Common Causes of Garage Door Damage

When you’re in a hurry to jump in your car to run errands, the last issue that you don’t want to deal with is garage door damage. A stuck or damaged garage door can ruin your day and cause you tons of frustration. When your door malfunctions, you may also not have the right tools or knowledge to deal with the problem.

How long is a garage door expected to last? According to experts, garage doors are known to last for as long as fifteen to thirty years. However, there are certain critical factors that can interfere with their lifespan. This article explores the most common causes that can lead to garage door damage.

Vehicle Accident

If you’re not paying attention, you can accidentally put your vehicle in the wrong gear, which could potentially cause you to slam into your garage door. This type of accident can cause dents and cracks. The springs could also weaken or malfunction from the impact of your vehicle.

Broken Springs

Broken garage door springs occur from normal wear and tear. The main function of garage door springs is to open and close your garage door. It is known that springs are engineered for at least 10,000 cycles. Your doors won’t function properly once there are broken springs. 

When you notice a failure in your springs, you must contact the professionals to replace them. You should avoid doing DIY because an experienced professional has the skill and knowledge to accurately install the right cycle springs.

No Maintenance

The key to the longevity of your garage doors is proper maintenance and ongoing care. You could be in the habit of not paying attention to your doors until something serious happens. Your garage door should not be an afterthought, especially if you use your doors every day. 

Garage door issues can occur at any time and could be too expensive for you to repair. So, regular maintenance may help you to extend the lifespan of your garage door and avoid unnecessary expenses.

 Hiring professionals to care for your garage door also helps to keep your home safe, get hardware protection, and keep your door in pristine condition.

Professional Services Can Help

At some point, you may have to deal with a serious issue with your garage door that you’re unable to fix. It’s best for you to not ignore the issue or assume that it won’t get worse.

It is a good idea for you to contact a professional garage expert when something goes wrong. You also have the convenience to get help from experts for a routine check-up to ensure that all the parts on your garage door are working properly.

Garage Door Maintenance Greensboro, NC

Considerations For Garage Door Maintenance

Some of the decisions that you make in garage door installation and maintenance have to do with where your garage is located.

If it’s a separate outbuilding, there’s often more of a tendency for the owner to treat it more as a secondary priority for home improvement. If, however, it’s connected to your house, then you may want to invest in more of a focus on the garage’s insulation and its help in weatherizing properties. The placement of the garage has relevance to home security planning, access issues and more. But either way, property owners want to keep these assets in good condition. That means regular inspections and eventual repairs.

Maintaining and Installing Doors

Regardless of where the garage is situated, you’re going to want to be able to maintain doors, rails, springs and other infrastructure for the future. Part of that involves not stacking old items directly around the door and its laser apparatus, so that you can have access to the area when it’s time for evaluation or repair.

Then there’s the burden of actually servicing or working with the door structure. This can be tricky in the case of the springs or coils, because they are strongly tensioned, and can be dangerous to work on without professional expertise and tools.

The H&L Garage Door Company can come out and perform the necessary professional maintenance of springs and coils, and make sure that everything about your garage door is in perfect operating condition. This is a big value for your household, especially if the garage is part of the house or gets heavy use as a nearby outbuilding.

Service Packages

We also like to offer our range of service packages to customers, to help them start out with effective long-range property maintenance goals.

This starts with the economy package that is the most affordable plan for garage door maintenance, and comes without a lot of the bells and whistles of higher-level packages.

Then there’s the midrange advantage package, with a bit more coverage.

The premium package plan is the cream of the crop, offering more in terms of maintenance assistance for property owners.

Connected Garages

If you have a connected garage, keep in mind how the insulating value applies to the interior of your home. It’s also going to be more important to preserve garage access and security for getting inside your home.

Talk to H&L Garage Door about a plan to keep your doors in good shape over the years.